Love Me Beauty Review April – Make Up For Ever


Hello everyone! I have had nothing to report or review, hence the lack of posts lately!

This month is very special indeed for Love Me Beauty as they have teamed up with Make Up For Ever for a range of their acclaimed products- this includes HD Powder, Excessive Lash Mascara, Skin Equalizer Primer and Aqua Eyes Eyeliner. They have also made the transition from a ‘beauty box’ into a ‘beauty bag’, to be changed monthly to fit with their product offerings!


This month’s beauty bag is a classic black coloured makeup bag, which fits the range of products perfectly, with spare room for your other essentials.

Make Up For Ever – High-Definition Powder (full size at £22)

HD powder has been quite a talking point in beauty recently… I own a translucent powder from Rimmel and it has been a new staple in my daily makeup routine – day or night! While that was a budget friendly buy, I am keen to see how this will compare. I love the size of this deluxe sample as it will fit snugly into my travel makeup bag as opposed to the bulky powders that make having matte skin impossible on the go.

Make Up For Ever – Excessive Lash

Always keen on trying out a new mascara (I don’t think I have ever left the house not wearing any), I am very keen on giving this a go. Given the slightly odd and small shaped wand I am intrigued to see how this fares. Again, I love these smaller sized mascaras to keep in my handbag for an afternoon/evening top up!

Monu – Skin Perfector (50ml at £25)


Monu are an interesting brand, and one always popping up in my beauty boxes; they are a very conscientious brand only using natural ingredients in their products. Introduced to me through Glossybox over a year ago, I was happy to try them out once more. Having looked into this product and its reviews, it sounds like this is a beauty cult favourite amongst those with combination skin (whether acne prone, oily or with an appearance of fine lines) and does the trick when it comes to hiding imperfections and pores. Sounds like something I am definitely in need of!

Melvita – Repairing Argan Oil (£20)

Having not used Argan oil for years, I was keen to try this extremely versatile beauty staple once more. Suitable for use on your face, body and hair, this is a holy grail multi-use product – perfect as it is travel sized for your makeup bag. Also great for those weekend getaways where you need to prioritise which liquid products to bring with you! This works well as a pick-me-up for dry and lifeless roots, I think this will very much come in handy!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you are interested in purchased a Love Me Beauty subscription, check out my previous reviews of the box. The subscription starts at £10pm + £3.95 P&P. They are currently offering a deal on Groupon for the subscription so now is the best time to try it out!


Love Me Beauty February Review



I know it is a little late, but here is my review of last month’s Love Me Beauty box!

Cailyn Extreme Matte Tint Liquid Lipstick (20 credits) – £13.50


I must admit that this is the first liquid lipstick I have bought in quite a long time, my only other one being the Lime Crime ‘Velvetines’ in Suedeberry. Love Me Beauty did not offer an extensive choice, but there were a few shades including a dark brown, a nude and a pink/nude (my choice), called ‘Narcissist’. Although not as pink as I imagined, I do like the colour and the way the product glides on the lips and stays put (until you eat). I think the shade would suit darker skin tones better than my own, but overrall it is a pleasant shade.

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse (10 credits) – £21 (40ml)


There has been much hype around Nuxe and this cream in particular, so I jumped at the chance to put it to the test! I am not the biggest fan of moisturiser as I have very oily skin and honestly have trust issues with anything that may clog my pores, but with the recent weather and freezing temperatures I thought now would be as good a time as any. The smell is very pleasant (subtle rose) and it feels nice on the skin.

Malin + Goetz Clarifying Mask (20 credits) – £38 (100ml)


In recent months I have become obsessed with face masks, looking to them to fix any skin ailments I may be suffering with. For this reason I was happy to add this to the collection, although the small size means that there is only enough for 2-3 applications maximum. The full sized version is a whopping £38, which seems completely unreasonable to me, so I will use my mini sized one only in emergencies as it must be like gold dust!

Love Me Beauty Earrings (10 credits)


It is very refreshing to see beauty boxes broadening their range of products and jewellery is a great place to start! With a nice range of silver/gold toned earrings, necklaces and bracelets I think Love Me Beauty is doing well at setting itself apart from its rivals. The product looks lovely and the quality was surprisingly great, I would definitely recommend adding some of their jewellery to the basket as these earrings for example were only 10 credits!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you are interested in purchased a Love Me Beauty subscription, check out my previous reviews of the box. The subscription starts at £10pm + £3.95 P&P. They are currently offering a deal on Groupon for the subscription so now is the best time to try it out!

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips Review


Hello again!

As part of my New Year’s Resolutions I promised myself to look after my teeth more and to aid in getting those pearly whites back!

To help achieve this I thought to purchase Mr Blanc’s Teeth Whitening Strips which have been very popular on social media, especially Instagram. I had never used strips before and thought this would be a great place to start as they do not contain peroxide, unlike the majority of teeth whitening strips on the market. Being too much of a wuss to buy the Crest 3D Whitestrips due to them being very harsh and containing peroxide, these seemed like a great idea combined with their intensive Instagram marketing which definitely worked on me…

These strips are meant to be used for 14 days straight, 1 packet a day. The packets contain 2 strips- one for the top teeth and one for the bottom. Dry your teeth first to ensure the strips will stick and stay on to your teeth and leave them on for half an hour each day. I normally do this before I sleep as I put some TV on and lie back in bed (gross fact- if you’re too active the saliva fills up your mouth and dampens the strips, meaning they do not stay on your teeth as they’re supposed to…). Once the half an hour is up you simply peel them off and brush your teeth to get rid any remaining residue. I must say, after taking them off your teeth do look a little whiter, with small white areas contrasting against darker parts of your teeth. This demonstrated to me that superficial stains could be removed but the stubborn stains will remain as the solution is not strong enough to remove them. I must admit the residue is quite difficult to remove at times as it will stick strongly to your teeth, especially the back where it is difficult to reach with a toothbrush.

So after 2 weeks what is my verdict?

I saw absolutely no difference! I did take pictures throughout but there was absolutely no difference so I do not see the point in uploading them as there is no success story here. Except immediately after I removed the strips where there was a little lift in the colour but when I woke up the next day this change did not last. After the full two weeks there was no visible difference. 😦

If you want to try out some strips without peroxide then this may work on you, but I will sadly not be buying these again. The quest continues!